PopCulturez Q&A Fridays: Sonny Bama – Taking Rap Back With Southern Values

  • Friday-5Apr
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By: PopCulturez.com Original Story: http://popculturez.com/popculturez-qa-fridays-sonny-bama-taking-rap-back-with-southern-values/ PopCulturez.Com: Welcome to PopCulturez, can you start by introducing yourself? Sonny Bama: Hi, Thanks for having me! I’m Sonny Bama, an artist and musician from Mobile Alabama. I do Hip-Hop, at times tastefully blended with various other genres of music. I’m a guitar player, not very good at it, but I have a love there, and I try to incorporate live instrumentation into my music whenever possible. I’m just an average, regular dude from the south. My music’s honest and is a reflection of myself. Its my story, my testimony. PopCulturez.Com: Who or what inspired you to get into music? Sonny Bama: I don’t really come from a musical family, although some of them dabbled in their earlier years. My Grandfather taught me to read and how to play basic guitar chords at around age 5. My father was a drummer and a radio DJ in the 60′s and 70′s. I began my career working as a radio DJ. While working in radio I was able to do production. I loved the production side of it! Being the youngest of two other siblings I had a wide variety of exposure to different types of music growing up. I was part of the cassette clubs, I would be play